Monday, August 17, 2009

Why did I choose a stylish city?

I've been packing today.  Cleaning up my room (months overdue!) and stuffing my late grandfather's giant suitcase with way too many clothes.  I guess it's pretty transparent-- and probably not unusual-- but obviously, the best way to "pack light" is to only take the clothes you think look good on you.  At least, it's working for me.  Down to five dresses, two pairs of pants, eight shirts, and 14 pairs of socks.  Because I love socks more than I love real clothes.  In general, this is a good metaphor for my life.

Things that other people like (looking cute, spending time on looking cute), I weirdly don't have the patience for.  Somewhere along the way, I decided that so much of how I look is out of my control, I might as well surrender the rest of it.

The good thing is that this leaves my suitcase nice and roomy enough for the things I do like: bizarre, florid socks that match literally nothing I own and which I am destined to wear under long pants and snow boots during my semester in Copenhagen.

I do think this supports my theory that the best things in life take some looking for.  And fit well into a suitcase.

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