Sunday, December 6, 2009

let's do this in a list

Currently listening to: "Postcards from Italy" - Beirut

Currrently planning:  My first week back home
[first night - reunions, Hanukkah, hopefully "A Muppets Christmas Carol"
Dec. 23 - iO with high school friends and sister
Dec. 26 - "Sherlock Holmes" with Jude Law and RDJ comes out
...and so it goes]

and Winter Term 2010 - I'm interning with the Strange Trees (theater company), donating art and journals to my friend Christina's junior art exhibition, and hopefully taking my driver's test for the first time...

Currently avoiding: my actual, legitimate DIS work
[three serious papers, two field trips, many films to catch up on, tests like crazy]

Currently recuperating from: the DIS Julefrokost (Christmas lunch) and a fabulously frenetic weekend with my friend Christina, who visited Thursday-Sunday

Currently waiting for: my pictures from the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London to be developed

Things to do tomorrow: send out last round of postcards and packages

Days left in Denmark: 12

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