Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forgot my journals...

Well, in the hassle of moving back to Oberland from a near-perfect summer in Chicago, I accidentally left my poor journals at home. It's been a little disastrous, because I use journals as cheap therapy, art class, and scrapbook-like documentary all in one. And the first two weeks of senior year have been rife with madness to deconstruct.

One thing I will say--that I wish I had my journals for to ruminate on, though this blog will do in the meantime--is that I've become totally preoccupied with mountains and glaciers and Antarctica recently. I often think like this, getting really involved with an idea or image before knowing quite what it means. A little like dreaming, or like thinking in metaphors come up with by someone else.

The background on my computer is of some fjords and mountains in Norway, and my 2011 wall calendar is images from Antarctica. I don't know what this means. But I'd be willing to hear guesses...

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