Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a real blog.

Okay, this is a little embarassing, but I mostly keep this blog for my family, friends, and some administrators at my college who asked. As a mea culpa, allow me to recommend three much more awesome bloggers I discovered this past weekend:

Listful Thinking: This is the funniest girl writing on the internet right now. That's a totally subjective opinion, and 100% based on the fact that I mad identify with her loathing of Nic Cage and Hugh Grant. She's also amazingly honest, and that's half the hilarity: she spent New Year's Eve going out in the cold, half-dressed, to buy a romance novel. I'm too embarrassed to explain how that makes us alike, but you should definitely be reading her blog. Quick, before everyone notices how awesome her writing is and she gets a book deal, etc. This way you can be all, "I read Listful Thinking before it was cool and she's much better live and the first album was better."

Edith Zimmerman/The Hairpin: Thank you, "This American Life," for pointing me here.

Anna Friedman: Blogging while taking a roadtrip west after quitting her job-- for the second time in her twenties. American hero.

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