Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to Blend In with the Danes

1. be naturally tall
2. stand up straight (I don't)
3. bike everywhere
4. don't complain about cigarette smoke coming in through your fifth-story window
5. remember that your fifth-story window is actually the fourth floor in Europe
6. stop smiling at everything new and exciting
7. maintain an air of quietly pleased indifference
8. clean everything really well and be neat and organized
9. don't wait to do your grocery shopping until sunday (everything is closed)
10. remember to get to the bakery in the morning (before all the pastry is gone)
11. know enough Danish to request food and drink, say thanks, and apologize for biking too slowly

Today was my first full day in Copenhagen. I got to my Norrebro flat around 4:00 (that's 16:00 here) yesterday, and had a nice evening and a rough, jetlagged night/morning. Today at a convenience store, buying a bottle of water, I actually made it through the entire transaction without the clerk speaking to me in English, which I'm going to take as a sign I was "passing". Whoo-hoo.

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  1. Oh, cool! Now when you come home you'll be smoking and riding your bike at the same time.