Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clustr Maps

I badly wanted to know who was reading my blog, and being completely technologically inept, I could not figure out how one would go about figuring such a thing.  I found an HTML code that logged, instead, the number of visits on a global map.  This is a tool made for people whose blogs receive A LOT of traffic, and I figured mine probably had two or four regular readers, most of whom would share some of my chromosomes.  At any rate, this is not a code made for blogs like mine, but I did it anyway.

Well!  Since October 19, apparently, I have received the following number of visits, broken down by country:

United States (US) 47Denmark (DK) 31Czech Republic (CZ) 22India (IN) 2Finland (FI) 2Iceland (IS) 1Canada (CA) 1Australia (AU) 1Sweden (SE) 

1This completely baffles me.  You can't really tell where, geographically, these visitors are from, except for some red dots on a very vague map, but it looks like I might have one or two readers in Prague and Los Angeles, and a healthy few in Chicago and Denmark.  That makes sense.  I do have friends in Prague and a cousin in LA, and family in Chicago and hell, a current LIFE in Denmark.  Even the lone Swedish visitor could make sense, given that my mom and I visited Malmo (just over the Oresund Bridge) this past weekend in Sweden.  

But Finland? Australia? CANADA?  I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone there.  And they don't know me, judging by their lack of repeat visits.  ALAS.  This blog is not huge.  I am not destined to become the next Diablo Cody (though I will never give up hope).  But it is a lot bigger than I thought.  It even comes up when I Google myself.


  1. You should use Google Analytics :-) It's easy and super-handy for looking up statistics like that. It's fascinating seeing where people come from.

  2. You are the most well-connected person I know! Thanks.

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