Monday, November 2, 2009

Multi-Media post + update

I finally uploaded many more favorite pictures from my trip to the Czech Republic in early October, just in time.  I'm off tomorrow for a 10-day trip to Paris, Florence, and Berlin, so will have many more pictures coming after.  Anyway, the Czech photos can now be found here (link).

I've also been obsessed with the song "Good Man" by Josh Ritter (an Oberlin alum, hey hey) lately.  I have no idea why, since I'm not what the song is describing or anything.  It's a great listen, though.

Later Edit:

I am just getting used to it here, really, used to what it is I like to do and how to spend my days and how to set up my apartment.  And just as I start to feel really great about living abroad (well, I felt great at first, and then it just felt like Regular Life again) and like I'm finally doing this the right way, it's off for a whirlwind ten days of travel.  I'm extremely excited, not to mention lucky, that I'm able to spend 6 days in Paris and 3 more in Tuscany with friends.  I'm so excited!  But this travel break also heralds the beginning of the end of the semester.

When I get back on November 13 (via bus from Berlin), it'll be a short two weeks before my final trip of the year.  I'm going to London with a DIS class for the long weekend we get off for Thanksgiving (no, of course they don't celebrate it here, but the majority of DIS students are American, after all, and so they are pretty sensitive to these things) at the end of November.  I'll be in London over my sister's birthday-- which probably means I owe her a British souvenir.

After that trip, I have three short weeks in Copenhagen before coming home to the US.  Crazy.  17 whole weeks will have been spent.  (About five of which will have been spent traveling, to be fair, outside of Copenhagen itself.)  I can't believe it, but tomorrow, when I leave for France, it'll conclude four and a half weeks spent consecutively in Denmark, and when I come back, I won't have that long here again.  It went by very fast.

I've been here 10 weeks and a day this evening.  I can't believe it.  My summer break in Chicago only lasted 13 weeks.  When I get home, I'll have some seven weeks before the ultimate return to Oberlin.  And when I get back to Ohio, it will have been nearly nine months since I left.  Now THAT is crazy!

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