Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some pictures without a blog entry (see previous post):

This is the song that I had running though my head for most of the ten days I was traveling.  I think pictures go better with music of a sort. 

I really enjoy giving absolutely zero context for these, since there will be about a month between December and January where I'll be explaining all my photos and stories from abroad on a mind-numbingly-often basis (though I'm lucky to have loving people around who want to hear about it)...  So here are some pictures with minimal context.  The ones that are paintings are from Paris.  The ones that are of me are of me.  The ones that are blurry (sorry, Mom) are the best I have.  If you have a specific question, leave a comment or email me!  Otherwise, feel free to make things up about these photos as you like.  The imagination is so much better than the reality, I'm sure.

1 comment:

  1. 'The Bed' is one of my favorite paintings!
    Everything looks charming and beautiful, Hope. Can't wait to hear about it.