Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bon nuit from Paris!

This city is incredible. All I've done for two days is walk and look around and eat carbs. It's much more amazing than it sounds. The fact that I never studied French has finally caught up with me, though. Interesting that the only languages I ever studied were Spanish and Chinese, and yet I find myself visiting France, Italy, and Germany during this break. No background in any of it.

But honestly, Paris is so amazing that after a single day here, I decided to take French next year at Oberlin. There's only so long I get to be liberal arts undergrad, studying virtually whatever I want to, and so French it shall be senior year. I'll fit it in somehow.

I'm also really excited (wish I could think of more words, but these are the appropriate ones) for Florence and Berlin. Crazy excited. My life in Copenhagen has its quiet, Bohemian appeal, much more suited to the usual rhythms of my ways, but in this week and a half away I'm cramming in much more living than is normal for me. Tomorrow, an old friend of mine from elementary school is taking me and some friends to Monmartre and an absinthe bar. It's kind of mystifying: whose life did I suddenly drop into? Mine has never been so glamorous.


  1. Monmartre is one of my favorite places in Paris.

    Sacre Cour and the area around it is interesting, but this year we found an area near the metro station Abbess with narrow streets full of life and not too many tourists.

    The cemetry is worth a visit - especially on a cold misty day. Much more atmosphere than when the sun is out.

    Musee Rodin is worth a visit and so is the Mare and Les Invaldes is quite amazing - and I got by with all three words of French that I can speak..

  2. Vraiment incroyable! Paris est ma ville prefere dans tout le monde.