Friday, September 18, 2009

Bread! Butter!

These are main food groups!

I may have mentioned it, but in Denmark, "danish" pastries are called "weinerbrod," meaning Vienna bread.  I read that in Vienna, they're called "Kopenhagens."  Anyone else seeing the flaw in giving food place names?

I was about to go grocery shopping when I realized all I had on me was a 50 kr. bill (about 10 dollars-- Sept. 17 was the lowest exchange rate of the fiscal year so far).  So I popped into the bakery across the street (so convenient!) and bought "dagen's brod," which may mean "bread of the day."  It's very hearty, full of grains and nuts, and so fresh it's hardly recognizable to an American as a food product.  I grabbed it (16 kr. is  a good deal in Copenhagen) and brought it up to my flat, where I smothered it in smor (Danish butter), also ludicrously fresh.  The butter reminds me of when, as little schoolchildren in Chicago, we'd get to go to the "Farm in the Zoo" at Lincoln Park Zoo and eat the freshly churned butter made by an elderly woman in a pioneer costume.  It's so good you can't even remember how different it is until you have it again.

I should still go grocery shopping (I know my mother reads this blog).  But it's best not to go food shopping hungry, right?  I'll just go get ONE more piece of smor og brod.

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