Monday, September 7, 2009

Warning: Angry Danish Twentysomething Sings

My Danish Language and Culture professor, Nina, believes in teaching us about Danish Language and Culture through pop songs.  I love her for this.  Well, less today when she made us listen to a really crummy rap duo known as Nik og Jay, but more last week when she introduced us to the hilarious and genuine Sys Bjerre's hit song, "Malene."  

I've included a YouTube cut of the song with VERY roughly translated English lyrics from a bilingual Danish fan.  The gist is that the singer's boyfriend cheats on her with a girl named Malene, and she (very justly) dumps his possessions all over various parts of Copenhagen (the words that aren't translated are streets and neighborhoods here) and burns down his flat.  But saves his cat.  (I love their sense of humor here.)

The hook is a mix of Danish and English, with Sys Bjerre asking the nameless boyfriend if they can agree that it's the last time he...messes with her.  There is some strong (English!) language, so if that offends you, you can skip this post.  Or just listen to the first minute or so of the song in Danish.


  1. Great song.
    Here's the music video whereSys Bjerre destroys his possessions: