Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't know what's up with my font today...

Horoscopes are a polarizing phenomenon.  Most people have a strong opinion on them one way or the other.  Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle.  I think unchallenged belief in anything is problematic, but I also think that decrying everyone who occasionally reads astrology as foolish or gullible is a little extreme, and probably says more about the decrier than the decried.

I was sent this today for Gemini: "The Moon's visit to your 5th House of Fun and Games allows you to temporarily avoid more serious issues. Although you have significant decisions to make, now is not the time to be weighed down by your past or your future. You have a unique opportunity to step outside your normal world and take in an entirely different spectrum of possibilities. Luckily, what you learn now will help you when you return to your regularly scheduled responsibilities."

Now, I have no idea where my fifth house is or where to find the fun and games, but I like the advice that "now is not the time to be weighed down by your past or future."  And it's true enough that I "have a unique opportunity to step outside my normal world and take in an entirely different spectrum of possibilities."  On a semester abroad, the possibilities really are endless, and that is a unique and privileged place to be.  I am very lucky, and I also can't forget that in 3 months (today!), I will "return to regularly scheduled responsibilities."

Last night was my first visit to Tivoli, and I took some 300 pictures to make sense of how beautiful it was.  What a place!  It's aggravating, intellectually-- you pay $9 for a cup of hot chocolate and $8 per amusement park ride after exorbitant entry fees-- but on the aesthetic level, it's brilliant. 

AND I got to see a concert, the Danish (but English speaking) group "Infernal."  It was Madonna meets eurotrash techno-pop, and no, I don't really know what any of those terms mean.  But it was something to see!  I even got a plastic "Tivoli" cup of Sommersby Apple Cider to warm me up.  The Danes hate it, apparently, and it does taste like a sour apple Jolly Rancher melted in cheap beer, but it's not very strong and suits my uncultured palate nicely.


  1. Oh hai! This is Kat, of the bisexual shoes and opera fame. I was THIS close to going to Tivoli last night, but I had a stomach ache. Are you signed up for Halloween and Christmas as well?