Monday, September 14, 2009

Western Denmark

From early Thursday morning until Saturday evening, DIS took each "core course" class on a different itinerary through Western Denmark (mostly Jutland, the region that's always the first to get occupied by Germany because it's a peninsula connected to mainland Europe).  That means I was with 34 other kids and two chaperones/guides/teachers traveling throughout a country smaller than the state of Florida for two and a half days straight.  

[Needless to say, I needed a lot of alone time and sleep after that; it's exhausting to me to be with Americans and exhausting to be with people my own age.  They're nice enough people, but a girl needs her peace and quiet-- especially a girl like me, who is internally a lot closer to a 65-year-old tee-totaling librarian than a fun-loving twentysomething.]

This is a small Photoshop experiment combining a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.  We visited a castle, the tip of Jutland (Skagen), an art museum, a prison, a folk high school (nothing like our high schools), the place where the North (Atlantic) Sea and Baltic Seas meet, a bowling alley, a hostel, a motel, a brewery, and Odense, the town where Hans Christian Andersen was born.  I think my favorite part may have been the ferry ride from Zealand to Jylland, pictured above.  I was reenacting a scene from "Yentl."

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