Friday, September 25, 2009

Rules for Living Abroad (#1 & #2 of an ongoing list)

(photo above copyright Christopher Raun, found via Google)

1.  Walk through every park you can.  

Example:  I found a fantastic monument to a woman named Natalie Zahle in Orstedparken, the Central Park-like reserve by my flat.  The statue looks like a grave marker (it isn't, but might be a replica of one) that shows this woman, whoever she was, as a girl, a young lady, and an older woman.  I liked it so much I'm working on an oil pastel imitation for my wall:

2.  Bring evocative music for every mood you'll get into.


Musicals go well with psyching yourself up and getting excited about life.
Sample lyrics: "On a clear day/How it will astound you...You'll feel glad of every mountain, sea, and shore."

A girl's acoustic vocals, such as "Country Mile" by Camera Obscura, pair well with homesickness. (audio only)

Sample lyrics: "I won't be seeing you for a long while/I hope it's not as long as these country miles..."


  1. I am so glad you are exploring the parks and taking it all in. I also liked your Sept. 23 piece of writing. And the oil painting is good! xoxox

  2. ditto on the parks. I adore parks, and europeans do them so much better than we do.

    One of my personal rules for living abroad: When choosing between carrying Michel Albert's "Capitalisme contre capitalisme" (substitute with any school textbook) or one's French-English (or Danish-English, as it may be) dictionary, always go with Michel Albert. ALWAYS. This will keep strange people from stopping you and trying to strike up a conversation about you speaking English and then asking you what your sign is. Much better that they ask you about the Rhenan and the American insurance models.

    And I LOVE your take on the statue.